Don´t fall in love with a writer.

Maybe you are one of those humans who wants to be realistic, not a dreamer, just living life in peace. Then don´t fall in love with a writer. He will immortalize you in words, in some phrases, maybe just in one sentence, but he is going to immortalize you. For sure. These words will be meager and modest, a story will be embraced by this special kind of spirit; the good one, the extraordinary lively one.

All these words just have one meaning: They want to lure your spirit, you are going to get metamorphosed into someone else, but you will never get back to being the same again that you used to be before. So don´t fall in love with a writer. Give him an idea and he is going to invent a new world for you. He is going to create new situations, a better world, the type of world he is going to prefer for his fancifulness. In the nights he will tell you about his world, he is going to disavow all truth. So don´t fall in love with a writer.

He will put your heart onto paper, he is going to put every little proportion of your soul in every sweet syllable. Besides, he will light up every fiber of all your character traits. No one is going to know that. It´s your secret, he is going to keep it up, you are his inspiration, you are his muse and you are a kind of his possession, you are his joy of obsession. So don´t fall in love with a writer.

 He is going to build you a comfy home between his pages, he is going to keep you in a carton of dreams that will never happen. All writers live a hundred times but never in presence. He is going to invent a new time of the year, just to see you happy. He is going to collect all the colours you would like to have, because he wants you to be a nice afterglow. So don´t fall in love with a writer.

He fancies all parts of you, but he is going to love his words more than he is ever going to love you. You are not able to act like protagonists in books, so he will not be able to love you. If a storm grows fierce, he wants to be onshore, and you are never going to be his mainland. Gently and weak he will caress your aching minds, your weltschmerz with his most unknown meekly temper. He is going to soothe your melancholy and your loneliness which have always been so familiar to your seemingly dead kind of existence. So don´t fall in love with a writer.

Maybe he is going to fall in love right back and when it´s over he is going to crack your heart like bones with a letter. The end won´t be like the ones in the movies, it is going to be worse than books without happy ends. You are not going to be the way you were before, it will reach most isolated clime of your existence and your heart is going to be shattered like old, disregarded books. Why? He is going to do that anyway, because his heart has been broken a thousand times over the pages you will never see.

So don´t fall in love with a writer.